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I was referred to Mr. Diony Bugay by my contractor. Our goal was add a family room that would compliment the existing home. In our initial meeting Mr. Bugay advised us of all the necessary requirement for the addition. He was extremely informative regarding permits, architecture guidelines and engineering requirements.

Mr. Bugay was very timely and efficient with the initial plans. Upon review we discussed the changing the roof line. Diony was open to our input and changes. The final architectural plans were drawn to meet all of the necessary requirements.

I met the City of San Jose Building permit office. Upon presenting my plans to the city inspector, he was very impressed.

We would highly recommend Diony Bugay for your architectural needs. His insights and professionalism will save you time and money.

Sincerely, Al Chavez
Diony is a highly skilled architect who helped us take our early sketches/plans from a designer 'friend' -- that were OK, but certainly not great -- and transformed them (and our 40's-era rancher) into a comfortable, free-flowing floorplan that reflected our vision for our whole-house remodel. Diony and Rich Perez (RJ Perez Construction / Cupertino) worked together with us, encouraging our collaboration at every step. The four of us, together, designed our home, which now reflects the ideas we collectively created. No egos, and the best ideas clearly won out. Diony really does know the ins/outs of getting plans through planning department reviews quickly and effortlessly, particularly with complex 'save a wall here and here' challenges inherent in rancher remodels. And most importantly, by collaborating with the contractor team DURING design, he delivered a plan that was 'designed to be built cost-effectively', no small accomplishment in a sea of designers/architects with big ideas that are incredibly costly to implement, even by skilled contractors.
Jack Weldon
Diony offered us excellent suggestions during the design process. Our plans were approved quickly in a city with a reputation for being "difficult." If I were to do anything differently, I would have accepted his proposal to locate the fireplace in the corner of the living room. Tying up the center of the wall was not the wisest use of space in hindsight.
Kenneth Chan
Diony designed our home remodelling. He approached the project with an open mind and provided nearly unending patience with numerous changes. The end result was exactly what we intended.
Ronald Morgan
Diony Bugay did a great job designing my kitchen/ great room addition. He really listened to what I wanted and made a variety of helpful suggestions so that the addition had a good flow with the rest of the house. Diony worked quickly and accomodated my schedule, including meetings in the evenings and on weekends. He maintained his professionalism and sense of humor while working to get the plans approved by the city. I would recommend Diony the next time you need an architect.
Maureen Bruckner
Diony has been a friend of our family for many years. Not only is he a wonderful person but also a man who puts his heart in what he does. We couldn't think of a better person to turn to in our toughest of times. Two years ago, our 1,500 sq.ft. house burned down overnight due to an electrical problem. One of our family members was severely burned and was hospitalized for over 6 months. We were basically going crazy as a family during this tough stretch, however Diony offered to give a hand. We were very limited with time so he came to us. After a few meetings at our dinner table, Diony was able to put all of our ideas and his recommendations into a set of prints. With it, we turned our pile of char into a beautiful 3,000 sq. ft. (5bed, 3bath, 1office, 1den) custom home. We are pleased with his ideas and details and are very happy with how everything turned out. With that said, I would highly recommend Diony to anyone. He has done wonders when wonders was what we needed and we feel he could do the same for you. We believe that you will be very please with the services that he has to offer.
Tuan Nguyen
Our designer kept promising to get our drawings completed but he just couldn't find the time. Fortunately, someone suggested using Diony and within a couple weeks we had the drawing complete. One advantage to using Diony besides getting the drawings quickly was that he has the credentials to do all the engineering work, saving us both time and money. Input from Diony into our design also saved us money. We had originally foreseen changing the roof line to match up with the addition but Diony pointed out that the change was really not necessary and actually looks better with the slight difference in height. I would highly recommend Diony to whomever is looking for a good architect. The contractor we picked to build our addition was very happy to see that Diony had done all of our drawings and claimed he has never had any trouble in building a house signed off by Diony.
Michael Saro
We needed an architect who could be inventive with small spaces (originally, a 1000 sq. foot home). We interviewed other architects, and Diony Bugay had the best ideas for integrating an addition with our existing floor plan. Some other houses in our neighborhood have awkward bathrooms added on the front of the house, but he created an interior bathroom for our enlarged master bedroom that makes maximum use of the small space and is sunny and airy from the skylight. In creating the plans, he listened very well to our priorities and completely addressed them in the plans. He delivered plans and documents in a timely manner and had obviously worked through many design possibilities until everything met with his high standards. One contractor who reviewed his plans said his design was "a lot of rip and repair," but I don't think we could have achieved the better design and utility in our home without the changes he made.

All references I checked were very pleased with his work, and we are very happy a few years after the project. We plan to work with him again on another project.

Megan Birdsong
Diony helped turn our spartan, military issue 3br, 1ba rancher into a lovely California-bungalow with a master suite, indoor laundry facilities, state of the art kitchen and modern HVAC system. He listened to all our ideas and incorporated them into a solid vision. His work was timely and thorough. He worked well with our contractors and any questions they had. After 3 years, we are more than pleased with his design and our remodeled home. We recommend him without hesitation.
Sarah Clatterbuck
Diony was recommended by a friend. He had completed two remodels for them and was happy to pass on Diony's name. We were very pleased with his work. He listened to our ideas and put them on paper for us in a timely manner. Also, Diony is quite familiar with local codes for construction which was very helpful when it came time to apply for permits. All in all, we had a positive experience with Diony and would recommend him to friends.
Sharon Iorgulescu
I have worked with Diony on two seperate projects and am completely confident in offering a referral for his service.He is timely, effective, and has unique ideas to customize you home.
Gelda Lopez
Diony T. Bugay, Architecture did an incredible job designing our new home in Willow Glen. He was easy to work with and really listen to our needs and his design reflection it with a discerning eye for detail and esthetics. I would recommend him highly, you will be very pleased.
Robert E. Perez Construction

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